The Evolution of Myplanet’s Fellowship Program

Myplanet welcomes our largest class of fellows to date.

So what’s a fellow, you ask?

Myplanet Fellows are current university or college students looking to gain real, paid work experience while they're completing their degrees. Fellows are paired with a mentor at Myplanet whose area of expertise matches that of the fellow's interest. Mentors will work alongside the fellows to ensure they're being challenged and supported in their work.

Typically, fellows work 7-10 hours per week for one semester on real projects and problems. At the end of the Fellowship term, many fellows are offered a co-op or full-time position at Myplanet, where they're invited to join a production team and start contributing from day one.

Since we welcomed our first class of Fellows in September of 2011, we have evolved the program significantly. Here are a few of the key changes:

  • Growth In Numbers: We've more than doubled in numbers vs. our first Fellowship intake. Previously we welcomed 10 students, and this year we're thrilled to have 25 fellows on board. They're a great mix of developers, designers and business-minded folks. This year's fellows study at the University of Waterloo, Conestoga, the University of Toronto, Athabasca, George Brown, OCAD and Sheridan College.
  • Team Development: We've evolved the format of the program so that Fellows will now work as members of a scrum team to foster agile thinking, creativity and collaboration. Previously, fellows would work alongside a team whose area of focus met the fellow’s specific interest. For example, those with a design focus would work as an extension of the creative team. This year, fellows will work as members of a self-sufficient scrum team (with developers, designers & a product owner). By simulating our actual organizational structure they will gain a thorough understanding of how we work and be ready to jump into a scrum team once they graduate.
  • Self-Directed Learning: We have developed a curriculum that is flexible and self-directed. Fellows can choose problems they wish to tackle and create their own products. They choose how they want to learn and select the tools they need. Whether they jump into a webinar, research a particular subject area, or decide that they need to attend a workshop - they shape their own learning experience.
  • Simulated Learning: With this year's fellows, we've created an enviroment that mimics Myplanet's Startup within a Startup concept. Essentially, teams work as independant startups - with the added benefit of organizational support. They choose a particular problem that they wish to tackle, create a backlog that indicates & priortizes tasks neccessary to solve that problem, and hopefully will launch a successful solution at the end of the term. We'll modify project requirements along the way so that teams can learn & embrace agile thinking throughout the development cycle.

As our organization constantly evolves, so will our Fellowship program. We couldn't be more excited about welcoming 25 new fellows to the Myplanet family this year as we invite them to take part in our growth!

Written by

Steph Brown

Steph Brown

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