Tapping Into Startup Communities

In Part Two, Vidyard CEO Michael Litt discusses the support he found in startup programs like Y Combinator.

Last week, we introduced Vidyard, a successful video marketing and analytics company that got its start with the support of VeloCity Garage at the University of Waterloo. VeloCity Garage is a part of a wider ecosystem of startup programs in Kitchener-Waterloo including Communitech’s Hyperdrive Program and theAccelerator Centre. After gaining momentum at the Garage, Michael took Vidyard to Silicon Valley's highly esteemed Y Combinator.

In this video, Michael explains how communities like these can foster idea generation, motivation and an 'intrapreneurship' mentality (smaller teams focusing on one specific product within a larger organization).


 In Part Three of our series, Michael discusses lead generation and how Vidyard uses an iterative development model to constantly improve the product. And finally in Part Four, Michael explains how lean user experience design impacts product development.

Written by

Steph Brown

Steph Brown

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