Myplanet's Exciting Move to Downtown Toronto

As far back as most Myplaneteers can remember, Markham has been our home.

With an expansionist fervour that would make even the British Empire blush, we've annexed one office after another as our team has grown. Today we have five offices in our building, occupying nearly half the top floor and earning us dirty looks from cohabitants who don't appreciate the constant blaring of Lionel Richie's Greatest Hits.

Nevertheless, as our lease approaches its end, we're preparing to bid adieu to our current office. Aside from the space not quite reflecting the image we project externally (I think calling it 'Class C' would be an overstatement), the most common objection we get when talking to prospective Myplaneteers is "I love your company, but I don't have a car and my horse isn't much one for commuting. Talk to me when you move downtown."

We listened to you, O brave equestrian city-dwellers, and today we're pleased to announce that we've signed the lease on a brand new office in the heart of downtown Toronto! (We're hiring, like, a billion people)

Now when I say brand new, I should probably clarify. I actually mean nearly 200 years oldCompleted in 1834, the Bank of Upper Canada Building is one of the oldest financial services buildings in Canada. William Lyon Mackenzie and the Reformers even tried to break into it once to steal the gold within, albeit unsuccessfully.

It's a National Historic Site of Canada, meaning that we're pretty limited in our ability to modify the exterior and certain aspects of the interior. But that's okay with us - we've hired a great design firm to help us transform the building into a space we'll be proud to call home. Three stories tall and with a majestic catwalk overlooking the expansive third floor atrium, the Bank of Upper Canada Building will be cozier than a Taunton on a cold winter's night when all is said and done.

We'll be providing updates on the progress of the design and construction as we go, but we're already trembling with excitement at the prospect of making an impact in the heart of downtown Toronto with our trendy moustaches and expensive lattes.

Pre-construction shots of the interior

Written by

Dustin Walper

Dustin Walper

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