Myplanet Honoured By Clutch

I was delighted to read the
Clutch announcement naming Myplanet as one of Canada's top web design and web development firms. As the leading reference guide for web design and software development, the fact that we stood out amongst so many firms covered by Clutch makes me very proud.  

In order to be ranked by Clutch, a firm needs to clear a high bar for the number of customers they’ve spoken with and received endorsements from. The fact that many of our Myplanet customer executives took the time to speak with Clutch was truly heartening for me. At the end of the day, we’re in the business of producing great work for our customers. Knowing they think so highly of us and the work we produce really is flattery of the highest kind.

But the thing that makes this honour truly stand out for me, is that it celebrates the incredible team we have built here at Myplanet. Making business software better and improving enterprise UX takes a lot of hard work. Knowing our team and their commitment to quality, on-time deliverables, and to constantly moving our customers forward in their digital transformations, it doesn’t surprise me that they inspire top marks across the board. But it’s still enormously gratifying to hear from Clutch, and from our customers, that the work we do is valued.

Enterprise software is important and can be really satisfying to improve, but it doesn’t always come with the gratification of working on the hottest new app. You don’t always get the feedback from users that you would in a consumer environment. I tell Myplaneteers all the time how incredible they are, but there’s something about hearing it from an external source—someone with an unbiased viewpoint—that can be a much more powerful statement.

At the end of the day, the team at Myplanet is the thing I’m most proud of. I get to work with an incredible group of talented, hard-working, innovative individuals who understand the collaborative give-and-take required to produce great work. They are the ones who earned this honour and I’m so proud to see their efforts recognized in this way.

I can’t wait to see where the team at Myplanet takes us next as we continue to transform workplaces through our digital work.

Interested in being part of the dynamic team that earned this honour? Join us at— we’ve got open positions now.

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Jason Cottrell

Jason Cottrell

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