IxD Checklist

We created the interaction design checklist to accomplish two things: improve the way we design digital things and more importantly, serve as a guide for creating positive interactions between people and the things they use.

The IxD Checklist is designed to be a lightweight tool for people to refer to during every step of the product development process.


The original idea sprouted from the need to increase our understanding and application of interaction design as it relates to the practice of user interface design. Aaron Legaspi came up with the of idea creating a checklist and already had a few ideas to begin.

Amit Jakhu went ahead with designing and developing an interactive version of the checklist for the web. The creative duo took an iterative approach to creating content and HTML products, while incorporating continuous feedback from various designers at Myplanet.

Initially, the checklist was meant to be a simple document only accessible to Myplaneteers, however; we believed the checklist would be useful for designers outside the company as well.

Following a brief cycle of rapid iteration, the two were able to produce a basic checklist with actionable items that designers could take to improve their designs. While the current release is most optimized for digital design, its eventual goal is to aid designers in any field when creating objects to be used for people.

Since the checklist was launched, it has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and response from users around the world. It's extremely gratifying to know that people around the world find the tool useful and actually use it in their daily workflow.

Having the opportunity to learn more about interaction is awesome, but what’s better is the prospect of sharing knowledge and giving back to the design community in a meaningful way.

Stay tuned - we’ll be releasing newer versions of the checklist in order to give back to the design community.

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Aaron Legaspi

Aaron Legaspi

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