How To Acquire Your First Customers

In the first part of this Product Innovators installment, I spoke to Vidyard's Michael Litt about getting his video analytics company off the ground.

Kitchener-Waterloo is an interesting town. Buoyed initially by the success of RIM, KW is now the de-facto startup capital of Canada, boasting many of the most promising new ventures in the country.

Case in point: Vidyard, a scrappy video marketing and analytics company that emerged from the Velocity incubator at the University of Waterloo, going on to also graduate from Silicon Valley's highly-esteemed Y Combinator program.

I made the trek from our Toronto HQ to Kitchener-Waterloo to meet with Vidyard founder Michael Litt and catch up on his company's progress. Between discussions of surfboard GoPro mounts and in-office gokarting, Michael shared some awesome insight into what has made Vidyard so successful. And since we happened to cover the whole thing with a couple of cameras, we'd like to share that insight with you!

In Part One of our three-part interview, Michael talks about how he was able to acquire his first customers and prove that there was demand for his product.

Myplanet Product Innovators - VidYard Video #1

In Part Two of the series, Michael discusses startup incubator models and applying this thinking to larger organizations. In Part Three, Michael discusses lead generation and how Vidyard uses an iterative development model to constantly improve the product. And finally, in Part Four, Michael explains how lean user experience design impacts product development. Thanks to Michael for sharing his insight with us!

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Dustin Walper

Dustin Walper

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