Enterprise Mobile: How Much Does App Quality Effect ROI?

Your organization probably already has a number of apps in the hands of employees and customers, but how many would you say perform
extremely well and provide great experiences for these users?

Too often, I find that enterprise mobile apps are designed with a “checking boxes” mindset— built to provide a minimally acceptable experience, rather than to empower users with a truly exceptional one.

But what exactly is the increased value of creating great apps? What tangible benefits can be had by making your apps great if the ones you have seemingly work well enough? Simply put, investing in “good enough” apps is a huge lost opportunity to maximize your returns.

Why Better Apps Matter

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM in September 2015 showed that “great apps” generate an average of 5x more revenue than “good apps”.

5X Revenue.png

The same study also showed that when compared to good apps, great apps:

  • Add 6 percentage points to revenue from other channels

  • Decrease operational costs by 12 percentage points

  • Improve employee productivity by 10 percentage points

  • Improve customer loyalty, experience, and engagement by 15, 10, and 6 percentage points respectively

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How to Make Great Apps

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While it’s clear great apps provide tremendous value over their good counterparts, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all checklist to make an app great. Likewise, the definition of what constitutes a great app isn’t universal.

Forrester believes the key is something they call “The Mobile Moment”. They define The Mobile Moment as the moment when a customer gets anything they want, immediately, and in context. As part of a broad strokes definition of what makes a great app, I’d agree. I would add that designing and developing great mobile experiences certainly doesn’t happen by chance.

The best performing applications we’ve created at Myplanet resulted from having taken the time to understand real users and the actual tasks they were looking to accomplish, and then creating a systematically tested application that was validated to meet these needs.

Unfortunately, more often than not, apps in the enterprise space are instead spawned from a list of features cooked up by executives in a boardroom, drawn from unvalidated assumptions about their users. 

With firms slated to spend 130 billion to engineer platforms and processes for mobile engagement in 2017, the stand-out winners will be the ones that invest in delivering exceptional experiences by deeply aligning with user needs.

Diving Deeper Into Mobile Success

We’ve touched on user experience and have only scratched the surface in discussing what makes an app great. Accurately identifying and measuring key performance indicators and investing long term to consistently drive value to evolving consumer needs are just two of the many other critical success areas to focus on.

If you’d like to dive deeper into these topics and learn more about the value of building better apps, we encourage you to download the full Forrester report referenced in this article.

Forrester Study: Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough — Measure And Move Your Mobile App To Greatness

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Kevin Fernando

Kevin Fernando

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