DrupalCamp Toronto 2013

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending DrupalCamp Toronto with my fellow Myplaneteers.

Organized by DUG-TO, DrupalCamp is an annual event that brings together Drupal-loving developers, designers and business folk to share news and lessons. For the third year in a row, Myplanet was proud to be involved as a Platinum sponsor. 'Twas a weekend of learning, laughing, fun and great food.

A handful of our developers delivered presentations at DrupalCamp. Our boyPatCon co-presented a session with Kalamuna's Andrew Mallis, titled "Proviso: A Revolution in Local Development". Shanly, Ben and Everett discussed "How to Incrementally Integrate Quality Assurance in an Agile Development Process," and Erin and Matt had guests laughing up a storm with "Whose Hook Is It Anyway? A Comedic Look at Drupal 8". Big shout out to the Tomes improv troupe who helped Erin and Matt illustrate the in's and out's of Drupal!

Slides from Shanly and David's "Agile 101" presentation are available here. It's a great resource for anyone who may be unsure about the differences between agile and scrum.

I really enjoyed the sense of community and creative solutions to complex problems that arise from events like Drupal Camp. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a BoF (Birds of a Feather) session driven by Arvin about SMS and VoIP integtration with Drupal and it blew my mind. Watching Arvin and his group click together all the dependencies and requirements to make SMS and VoIP happen within Drupal was fascinating and inspired me to further my learning in the area of telecommunication within Drupal (2 factor auth anyone?).

All in all the weekend was awesome. Saturday's afterparty was a big hit (hope y'all treated yo'selves to the drinks), and CSI's Coffee Pub provided some of the best noms I’ve ever consumed at a convention. I was super grateful to meet so many great people, and to learn about Drupal from some of our city's foremost experts.

Thanks again to everyone who introduced themselves, and to DUG-TO for organizing such a successful event. We'll see you next year!

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Torey Taferner

Torey Taferner

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