Digital Hegemony: How Designers Dupe Users (by accident)

Join our Creative Director Erik for a presentation on UX, power, and the ways designers can inadvertently dupe their users, at this year’s FITC Toronto.

Here’s a sneak-peek of the upcoming talk:

Great user-centered design is all about enabling, empowering, and supporting the people who use our products. Except when it’s not. Every day, well-meaning designers craft well-intentioned experiences that inadvertently dupe, disempower, restrict, exclude, marginalize, oppress, or otherwise screw users—and the worst part? Neither these well-meaning designers nor their users have a clue. This talk is not about poor, ill-informed, or unusable design that everyone can clearly see. Instead, it explores how we, as experienced, competent digital creators, can inadvertently embed our work with invisible structures, biases, and ideologies that yank control from the very people we seek to empower.

Join me as I apply cultural theory from a handful of predominantly old, dead white guys (cultural theorists), to reveal the power asymmetries and accidental user subjugation I’ve observed over the past 5 years whilst designing for one of the most trying of user experience environments: the enterprise work place.


Tickets are still available but we’re told they’ll sell out quickly!
Read more about the talk and buy tickets here.

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The Myplanet Team

The Myplanet Team

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